Hydro Power Technologies

The Company

HPT - About the CompanyHydro Power Technologies Inc (HPT) is incorporated in the Province of Ontario and located in Burlington Ontario Canada.

Founded on innovation, the company is committed to developing technology solutions that enhance power generation output in hydropower applications.

Our corporate mission is to develop and deliver innovative green hydropower technology solutions that are renewable, reliable and cost effective. Our energy solutions will always support the sustainability of natural resources.

Product Technology

HPT - Product TechnologyHPT has developed a proprietary hydraulic transient control valve system called The Hammer1 System to propel impact turbine driven electrical generators.

The Hammer1 System creates turbine inlet water projectile velocities that are projected to be 1.25 times greater than the velocity produced by conventional continuous flow impact turbine nozzles.

As the power output of an impact turbine increases by the square foot of the inlet velocity, the Hammer1 System technology has the potential to increase the efficiency of new and existing turbines.

Development & Testing

HPT - Development and TestingSince 2015, the company has established a strategic engineering relationship with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to perform prototype testing and third-party full-scale computer dynamic simulation modeling.

This has produced repeatable data that supports the increased turbine inlet water velocity created by controlling hydraulic transient dynamics.

The Norwegian government sponsors the NTNU research, as approximately 96.1% of Norway’s power comes from hydro-electric facilities.